About Mediation Associates

Mediation Associates was founded by a group of specialist accredited family mediators to help families going through the difficult process of divorce and separation.

Together, our team are dedicated to helping create resolution through mediation for better family outcomes.


Alister Brown - Director

  • Alister is the Managing Director at Mediation Associates
  • Alister is a registered Social Worker with over 30 years’ experience working with children and families as a practitioner and manager of services for children, including managing family mediation services.
  • Alister qualified as a family mediator in 2014 and has extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with various methods of dispute resolution.
  • Alister is also a director of a national fostering and adoption charity.
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Alice Pickard - Family Mediator

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  • Alice is a Family Mediation Council Accredited Family Mediator (FMCA) and a Professional Practice Consultant (PPC). She is a member of Family Mediators Association, Law Society and National Family Mediation.
  • Alice has a background in family law having graduated from Northumbria University with Honours.
  • Alice is experienced in working with families and children of different ages and high levels of conflict in on all issues of separation and divorce – arrangements for children and family, finance, intergenerational, cross-cultural disputes and relocation matters (UK and international).
  • Alice provides Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs) and all issues mediation. Alice is accredited in providing child inclusive mediation and working direct with children as part of the mediation process.
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Jackie Norton - Family Mediator

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  • Jackie is a Family Mediation Council Accredited (FMCA) Family Mediator and a member of National Family Mediation. She has worked in mediation as a family mediator, work place mediator, Professional Practice Consultant (PPC) and trainer since 1996.
  • Jackie is accredited in working direct with children and is experienced in providing child inclusive mediation. Jackie has mediated workplace issues including bullying and harassment, grievances, reactions to change, team disputes as well as more personal issues between staff. She has trained staff within the Home Office, Metropolitan Police, Royal Air Force, the Army and the NHS to qualified certificate level so that they can mediate their own disputes where appropriate.
  • Jackie believes that in most cases, mediation can be a very healing process, much more than simply resolving the practical issues, enabling people to repair broken trust and work more effectively together.
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